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Siding Lombard

Lombard Siding

Opal Enterprises: Innovative Fiber Cement Siding Contractors In Lombard

Lombard SidingHere at Opal Enterprises, our team of leading fiber cement siding contractors in Lombard understands that all of our customers have their own specific renovation needs and project preferences. That’s why we partner with our clients throughout the process to help lend our insight on the best options for siding in Lombard. One of our biggest recommendations for homeowners looking for a customized wood finish on their home exterior? James Hardie cement fiber siding.

James Hardie: Lombard Resident’s Preference For So Many Reasons

When it comes to utilizing a fiber cement siding product that delivers optimal results and numerous benefits, you simply can’t beat James Hardie. Lombard residents who choose this superior manufacturer not only receive the stylish look of wood and/or wooden shingles on their exterior, but also enjoy a wide range of features and amenities that includes:

    Lombard Siding Contractors

  • Top quality product from a renowned and critically acclaimed industry leader
  • Safe, non-toxic materials built to withstand external elements
  • Impressive product and finish warranties for optimal consumer peace of mind
  • Low-maintenance upkeep when compared to other exterior finishes
  • Extensive catalogue of colors and styles sure to suit every taste


Best of all, installing James Hardie on Lombard homes not only instantly boosts your property’s esthetic curb appeal, but it can also increase your home’s overall value. Remodeling Magazine has claimed that James Hardie siding actually offers a bigger return on homeowner investment than a kitchen or bath remodel! When coupled with lower homeowner’s insurance premiums (14% on average) and the savings on upkeep throughout the product lifetime, it’s easy to see how James Hardie siding offers Lombard residents a significant value for their initial investment.

Opal Enterprises: Proudly Offering First Rate Installations For James Hardie Siding In Lombard

Lombard Fiber Cement SidingHere at Opal Enterprises, our team of seasoned, highly-skilled contractors in Lombard proudly offers our clients James Hardie solutions because we believe that it’s the best product available. Not only do we specialize in James Hardie installations, but our licensed, insured and bonded siding experts have also earned the prestigious distinction of being a “Preferred Remodeler” directly from the manufacturer. At Opal Enterprises, you’ll not only receive a customized installation that works around your schedule from start to finish for optimal project convenience, but we’ll complete your renovation on time and one budget – that’s Opal Enterprises’ guarantee!

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If you’re ready to get starting on your siding renovation, don’t wait; contact Opal Enterprises today. One of our expert siding experts will gladly provide a risk free quote and evaluation!

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