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Opal Enterprises, Inc. considers your home's gutter system as a priority assignment and not just as an accessory item to a siding job.


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New Gutter Installation

The largest majority of residential homes in the Naperville and Western Suburbs utilize 5″ gutter systems with matching 2″ x 3″ accessories and downspouts. There is also an option to up-size your home’s rain system with 6″ gutters and matching 3″ x 4″ accessories. More important than the size of the aluminum gutters lining your home’s roof, is the size and number of downspouts installed. The downspout’s ability to carry the water away is fundamental. A 2″ x 3″ downspout will carry approximately 600 sq ft. of roof area each, where a 3″ x 4″ downspout will carry approximately 1,200 sq ft. The 3″ x 4″ downspout will carry twice the amount of water and it will not clog as easily as the 2″ x 3″. Most overflow problems are caused by undersized downspouts and or not enough downspouts.

Opal Enterprises, Inc. will initiate your gutter service by providing you with appropriate product suggestion and education. Then we offer you a free estimate. Once you decide to have Opal Enterprises, Inc. beautify your home, we will start by removing and disposing your old gutter system. Depending on what was a determined need for your home, we will either replace any rotted fascia boards or have them wrapped in color coordinated aluminum. We install gutters for you only by using hidden hangers installed approximately every 2 feet. Roof flashing is put into place underneath the shingles and set accurately so that water does not damage your fascia board.

All gutter accessories are then finished off with a form of liquid aluminum sealer to ensure that the problem of leaky gutters doesn’t hang over your head.


Gutter Guards protect your home!

For added maintenance-free security on your rain system, consider the addition of a gutter guard product. There are many choices of gutter topping systems out on the market, and when we view your home’s structure, we will discuss what product will best fit your needs. With all the choices out there for homeowner’s to consider, keep in mind that they all achieve the basic goal of keeping debris out of your gutters and downspouts to maintain the flow of water.

The products available rely on the basic scientific standard of molecular attraction between the surface of the guard and the surface of the water. This functional idea allows for the rain water to cling to the gutter guard and the debris to flow off of your roof and gutters.

Don’t forget about your home’s soffit condition. Opal Enterprises, Inc. has years of experience in installation. We offer premium products ranging from vinyl with aesthetically pleasing hidden vents to sturdy aluminum.



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Opal Enterprises, Inc. considers your home's gutter system as a priority assignment and not just as an accessory item to a siding job.